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Sewer Problems

The kinds of sewer and drain problems that are faced by Georgia homeowners are not only troublesome, but they can also be disastrous if not properly dealt with. It is important to know the signs of serious plumbing problems and to know when you should contact a professional. Always hire a professional sewer contractor or licensed plumber in these situations.

Some of the more common sewage problems that homeowners have issues with include: collapsed sewer pipes due to erosion of the ground, old pipes, cracked pipes, leaking sewers, and damage caused by tree roots and sink holes. If you are experiencing one of these sewer problems call us.

Any problems with your pipes can be bothersome as well as hazardous. If your house has older pipes, you may experience slow drains or a sewer gas smell which is a serious health hazard that can even result in death.

Cracked pipes can lead to pressure build-up and unsanitary waste water or sewage back up which can cause the area to become polluted.

Collapsed pipes caused by erosion of the ground can cause sewage back up, and as a result you will have to have these collapsed pipes replaced. Sewer leakages can cause structural damage, foul smells, and puddles or soft spots within your home.

Sinkholes can cause the worst damage of all in that they can destroy not only your plumbing but your home itself. It is obvious from all of the serious damage that these plumbing problems can cause that it is unwise to wait to contact a professional.

Luckily, there are solutions for all of these problems.

One solution that could help solve many of these problems is having our sewer video inspection performed in your home. This involves a professional running a camera feed down a branch pipe or sewer line in order to see the lines in close detail.

This can help identify one of the following problems: cracked sewer lateral, bellied drain line, separated lateral joint, debris blockage, root intrusion, leaking pipe joints, or deteriorated piping material. By performing this type of inspection, the depth and precise location of the issue can be identified to keep repair costs low.

In the case that your sewer itself needs repairing, excavation of pipes may be needed. However, trenchless pipe replacement may be an option. This method does not involve any extensive excavation.

There are two methods of trenchless pipe replacement: pipe bursting and pipe relining. Pipe bursting requires professionals to dig two small access points at the beginning and the end of your piping system instead of excavating the entire yard.

The old line is blown apart as the new pipe is pulled through it, which destroys the defective pipe and replaces it with the new pipe. During the process of pipe relining, a felt-filled fiberglass line is placed inside of the old pipe to seal off any of the damaged areas of the pipe, creating a structurally sound repair.

A clogged, dirty sewage system can be a nuisance for any homeowner. Whether it is caused by sewage or natural disasters it is a problem that should be dealt with immediately before it becomes a hazard.

One way to get the sewer lines really cleared is to let us perform a high velocity jetting treatment. Not all plumbers offer this service. We use this jetting equipment to pump water at up to 165 gallons per minute through specially designed nozzles to scrub your pipes clean.

Whatever your sewer cleaning or sewer repair needs are, we have equipment and skilled techs to get the job done right. Give us a call. We offer free estimates!